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TESCON AG manufactures barrier bollards in a wide variety of configurations, such as retractable bollards for securing driveways and permanently installed fixed bollards for securing areas and property boundaries. As a standard, various bollard systems are combined to provide comprehensive protection:

Retractable bollards for installation in the entrance area

  • Automatic bollards, hydraulically retractable (for busy driveways)
  • Semi-automatic bollards with gas pressure spring (for sporadic use)
  • Hydraulic bollards with hand pump operation (for sporadic use)
  • Telescopic bollards with reduced installation depth, hydraulic (automatic or manual operation)

Stationary bollards for border and area protection

  • Fixed bollards analogous to the installed retractable bollards
  • Fixed bollards for shallow installation
  • Removable fixed bollards

Mobile bollards as temporary barriers

  • Blocking off access roads
  • Guarding events

Look and appearance of the bollards

Our bollards are generally made of high-strength steel. The surface of the thick-walled tubes in particular is rough and is not suitable as a substrate for good corrosion protection. For this reason, the tubes are usually mechanically smoothed and then galvanized and painted in the desired RAL or DB color. However, the bollards can also be clad in stainless steel. Cladding with granite etc. is also possible. To improve visibility, the bollards can be supplied with LED illumination and reflective foil.

Attacks on people with vehicles and attempts to force their way into areas of critical infrastructure are becoming progressively more frequent.

Our ANTI-TERROR security bollards offer effective protection against such terrorist attacks. Especially in inner-city areas to protect pedestrian zones and catering areas, but also in public squares, parks and stadiums, the use of security bollards defuses danger spots.

The mere fact that an area or entrance is visibly secured with bollards usually means that potential offenders look for other targets!


Impact loads - Tested and "certified" safety

TESCON has carried out many crash tests at accredited test laboratories in order to test and prove the function and performance of the developed products both in practice and in an emergency.

The tests were carried out with 7.5 ton trucks at

  • 48 km/h (667 kJ)
  • 64 km/h (1185 kJ)
  • 80 km/h (1852 kJ)

A test was carried out with a 30-ton truck at 80 km/h (7400 kJ). You can find the results here. A datasheet can be found here.

For the customer, the rating is critical. If the product receives a rating, the test is considered to have been successfully passed.

The findings and experience from these tests are used for the development and evaluation of product variants that deviate from the rated product, e.g. if the customer requires a different barrier height for design reasons or if the foundations need to be adapted to local conditions. The performance is then verified using finite element calculations.


2023-11-02 13:46
Anti-Terror bollards for the Reichstag!

TESCON delivered 81 new bollards for the german federal parliament ! 

While the installation takes place, you can find an article about the project here  

2023-11-02 13:46
2023-10-10 14:23
GPEC 10-11 Oktober 2023

TESCON will be exhibiting at the GPEC 2023.

Visit us during the 5th symposium for hostile vehicle mitigation and access protection at our booth in Stuttgart!

2023-10-10 14:23
2023-04-20 13:50
Nepal Fire & Security Expo 2023

For the first time, TESCON will be participating at the Nepal Fire & Security Expo 2023 in Kathmandu.

Visit us at our booth in the Bhrikuti Mandap Exhibition Hall !

2023-04-20 13:50


TESCON Sicherheitssysteme AG has a worldwide unique reputation for its high quality Security products MADE IN GERMANY. All products are manufactured in Germany only.

We have no partners that are entitled to manufacture under licence. Not in Europe, not in China or elsewhere.

Our products are shipped from Salzgitter Germany only and will be supplied with a German Certificate of Origin. The sales of our products is done by TESCON Sicherheitssysteme AG Salzgitter (HQ), by TESCON Sicherheitssysteme Schweiz GmbH (Luzern) and worldwide by our approved sales partners.

Please ensure before you buy whether your contractor is approved and ask for a German Certificate of Origin, signed and stamped by the chamber of commerce to avoid purchasing a fake product. In case of any doubts please contact us under

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