Dr. Peter-Eggert Reimers – more than 25 Years with Passion and Innovation for Your Security.

Since 2015

TESCON Sicherheitssysteme AG, Salzgitter, Germany

CEO and Head of Sales and Product Development. Manufacturing and further development of products with extremely high impact rating for efficient Hostile Vehicle Mitigation and defence against Terror Attacks.
The production takes place at our factory in Salzgitter Germany, the former factory of ELKOSTA security systems, Salzgitter Germany. TESCON is doing various major projects in Germany, Europe and other countries. The network of authorized sales partners is permanetly increasing. For the sales support in Austria and Switzerland, TESCON Sicherheitssysteme Schweiz GmbH has been founded in 2016.


TESCON security systems GmbH&Co.KG, Salzgitter, Germany

Founder, Managing Director as well as Head of sales and product development.
Production and permanent further development of Anti-Ram products such as Bollards, Roadblocker, Sliding Gates, Barriers and Beams etc. Many new products such as shallow Bollards, Telescopic Bollards have been constructed. Major projects like the Perimeter Protection for the OKTOBERFEST in Munich (Theresienwiese), the Premisis of the New European Central Bank (ECB) in Frankfurt and the New Nato Headquarter in Bruxelles have been executed.
To demonstrate and to verify the performance of our products, 10 Crashtests have been performed according to PAS68 standard.


elkosta security systems GmbH&Co.KG, Salzgitter, Germany.

Senior Manager. Head of Export Sales and Head of Product Development for Bollards, Roadblocker, Tyre-Killer, Barriers and other Anti-Ram products.
Elkosta was the first Company to perform a real crash test of a Roadblocker with a truck !
Responsible for many major projects such as the Perimeter Protection of the Federal Chancellery of Germany, Berlin, Buckingham Palace, London, the Japanese Embassy, Berlin and others.

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2021-07-20 08:19
Messen 2022

INTERSEC Dubai, 16. – 18. Januar 2022

PERIMETER NÜRNBERG, 18. – 20. Januar 2022

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2021-07-20 08:02
Messen 2021

MILIPOL Paris, 19. – 22. Oktober 2021

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2021-07-20 07:59
Humbolt Forum opens on July 20, 2021

Last year, TESCON Sicherheitssysteme AG successfully completed the manufacture and assembly of high-security bollards for all portals of the Berlin City Palace, which houses the Humboldt Forum. Another success story, thanks to the good cooperation between TESCON AG and STRABAG AG.

Now the museum is finally open to visitors and we are very much looking forward to the first exciting exhibitions.

2021-07-20 07:59


TESCON Sicherheitssysteme AG has a worldwide unique reputation for its high quality Security products MADE IN GERMANY. All products are manufactured in Germany only.

We have no partners that are entitled to manufacture under licence. Not in Europe, not in China or elsewhere.

Our products are shipped from Salzgitter Germany only and will be supplied with a German Certificate of Origin. The sales of our products is done by TESCON Sicherheitssysteme AG Salzgitter (HQ), by TESCON Sicherheitssysteme Schweiz GmbH (Luzern) and worldwide by our approved sales partners.

Please ensure before you buy whether your contractor is approved and ask for a German Certificate of Origin, signed and stamped by the chamber of commerce to avoid purchasing a fake product. In case of any doubts please contact us under

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